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We can install and service electronic alarm and surveillance systems. We will specify, design, provide, install and service a wide range of high security locks, electronic access control systems and closed circuit television (CCTV) systems.

When new or replacement locks are required, we can assists the customer in determining the correct types of locks needed based on the security risk/exposure, life safety application and frequency of use. We install locks and security devices using manufacturer's templates and/or industry specifications, by cutting or drilling the proper opening in the selected location with both hand and power tools.

We as a retailer of all types of security products and devices also sell, service and install Safes for home and business use. Banks and many commercial and residential customers have locking devices and related hardware that require regular service by locksmiths such as; vault doors, time locks, safe deposit boxes, exit devices, doors, hinges and even the standard locks found on most homes require regular maintenance to operate at their best.

We also respond to emergency calls for customers who have accidentally become locked out of a home, business or vehicle, or have encountered a broken or jammed lock cylinder or vehicle ignition. The professional locksmith begins by examining the lock(s) to determine the best method to circumvent the lock. These methods may include use of lock picks, bypass tools or other special instruments. Fitting a key by code or other skilled means is also a method of opening a lock. Experience, skill and knowledge dictate the method a professional selects to open a lock. There are times when the quality of the lock, concern for safety of occupants and other factors such as a malfunction of the lock may force the locksmith to use destructive techniques to gain entry. Before performing an emergency opening or certain other sensitive tasks, the locksmith may require positive ID procedures.

For security reasons or because keys are stolen or misplaced, many businesses, hotels/motels and apartment complex owners contract with us to provide new master key systems, reset safe combinations and rekey their door locks on a regular basis. Some cities and states require locksmiths to be licensed and bonded. Unfortunately Suffolk County does NOT require a specific locksmith license, therefore it is VERY IMPORTANT to know who you are entrusting your safety and valuables to!!

Qualifications: Mechanical Locksmithing involves precise and detailed work. We as professional locksmiths possess mechanical and mathematical ability, good vision, spatial perception, eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity. We must be able to understand lock and key specifications, operating manuals and other written and oral instructions as necessary. Additional traits include patience, stability, honesty, integrity, accuracy and the ability to get along with other individuals.